December 2, 2015

Law on the Circuits

Law on the Circuits

There is a common misconception that the only way you can succeed at the Bar is if you are based in London. This isn’t true! The prevalence of successful chambers across England and Wales means it is possible for barristers to engage in interesting work and develop a flourishing practice no matter where they are.

The Bar of England and Wales is divided into Circuits:

  • Midland
  • Northern
  • North Eastern
  • South Eastern
  • Wales and Chester
  • Western

Although it is true that more chambers are clustered in London, mini-pupillages and pupillages are also available beyond the capital. Aspiring barristers outside of London may find that they need to send more applications or travel a greater distance than their London-based counterparts to take advantage of these opportunities.

There is no correlation between career progression at the Bar and the location of your chambers – practising in London in and of itself doesn’t make a barrister more impressive. If you’re from a smaller city and are worried about whether you’re at a disadvantage, take a look at our interview with Judge Sutherland-Williams for some useful advice.